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What are these nets with my tubes?!

Tree Tubes

Successful Tree Growth Starts Today!

With tree tubes from Tree Protection Supply, the success of your tree planting project starts today… and comes faster and more affordable than you ever thought possible. Tree Protection Supply offers a great selection and pricing on tree tubes.

Why buy from Tree Protection Supply?

Why not buy "factory direct?" The answers are:

Better Information

Better Pricing

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Why Tree Tubes? Trees Need Protection

• Physical protection from deer, rabbit and rodent damage – put a 4 foot tube over a 6, 12 or 24 inch seedling (or even a planted acorn, chestnut or walnut) and it will be protected until it emerges from the tube.

• Amazing growth! - Tree tubes reduce moisture stress so your seedlings grow more actively more of the time. You won’t believe how fast your trees can grow.

• Easy weed control – With tree tubes you can quickly locate your seedlings among the grass and brush, and easily spray or mow around them without damage… No more searching in the 3 foot grass for 6 inch seedlings!