Tree Protection Supply, LLC, was developed to provide an array of forestry supply products to consumers worldwide. As a registered forester for more than a decade, I’ve had the privilege of working with and learning from numerous tree shelter manufacturers, dealers and industry leaders about tree tubes and the various accessories that are essential in establishing your wildlife/hardwood plantings. Since October of 2008, I have been fortunate enough to speak with numerous landowners, wildlife managers, nursery managers, etc. not only from the southeast, but all over the country regarding their planting needs. We quickly realized that there was not a lot of information readily available to landowners on successful planting practices.


Therefore, we decided to provide a one-stop shop for people interested in realizing their planting investments and not wasting time and money on what doesn't work.  We attempt everyday to update our site with relevant information we receive either from feedback from our customers or information and data we compile through our own experiences and trials.  Let us help you in the implementation of a plan to ensure your tree planting experience is a success. 


Throughout our history, we have been fortunate to establish affiliations with multiple tree tube manufacturers.  These affiliations allow us to offer our unbiased expertise in helping people select the tree tube that’s right for them. In addition, we work hard to develop, test and implement tree tube accessories that improve the potential performance of your trees. We hope you find our efforts beneficial and that with our continued support they will lead you to a future with mature trees.



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