Tree Pro Bark Pro 2 FT


The Bark Pro product is designed to protect trees that have matured to a size that they no longer benefit from the growth benefits offered by our our tree tubes.  The Bark Pro will protect the stem of the tree from animal, mechanical and chemical damage.  The larger venting pattern keeps the evironment inside the tube equal to the evironment to the outside of the tube which removes moisture, heat and shade issues.  The Bark Pro ships flat and is easily installed with 3 cable ties through pre-punched holes.  The installed diameter of the Bark Pro is 4", but if a larger size is needed then 2 Bark Pros can be put together to create an 8" protective shield for your young trees.

This product is perfect for larger planting stock of 5, 10 or 20 gallons as well.

Made in the USA of 100% recycled materials.

Pricing is per protector. Sold in multiples of 10.

Pricing does include shipping!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 10-40: $2.02
  • 50-600: $1.58