You plant your legacy and we will protect it

One great things about this business are all the amazing people I get to come in contact with on a daily basis.  One such customer forwarded me an article that focused on his tree planting efforts and the legacy he wanted to leave his family and the environment.  Matt has purchased thousands of tubes from [...]

Free Shipping, But On Your Dime

Shipping is an absolute nightmare for any company and especially for us in that in any order there could be a range of heights and quantities from 12″ up to 72″ and from 1 to infinity.  I get a lot of inquiries asking why shipping is so much for a particular order in that it [...]

Often Overlooked Casualties

If you live along the gulf or along the Eastern seaboard, you will probably at some point in your life come face to face with a tropical storm and worse a hurricane.  With connectivity today, we all watched as hurricane Sandy absolutely devastated areas in the Northeast.  Pictures of homes flattened and cars and businesses [...]

Michigan DNR Wildlife Habitat Grants for Whitetail Habitat Enhancement

The Michigan DNR will open the application process for grants for wildlife habitat enhancements starting tomorrow under the Wildlife Habitat Grant Program.  Check out the site here for further information: Michigan DNR Wildlife Habitat Grant Program Plenty of money there for some large tree planting projects with tree tubes!!  What a great way to improve [...]

Calculators and scratch sheets to buy tree tubes?

I got into the tree tube business because I was trying to price out a large planting job and by the end of the week, yes a week, I had an elaborate unnecessarily complicated spreadsheet trying to compare pricing across several different companies based on how they offer volume pricing vs percent off total order [...]

Revolutionary Weed Mat Announcement
Revolutionary Weed Mat Announcement

Tree Protection Supply is thrilled to announce the addition on a revolutionary weed mat product to the US market for the first time ever.  The Irripan presents itself as a weed mat, a rain collector, a soil moisture recycler, a competing weed killer and a light reflector.  This is definitely not your father’s weed mat.  [...]

QDMA National Convention
QDMA National Convention

TPS has enjoyed the first day of the QDMA national convention in Athens, GA.  Field demos in the morning and then another great day of speaking with folks truly excited about trees and how much tree tubes matter.  I love introducing people to tree tubes, but it is also alot of fun for people to [...]

Tree Tubes – Why is everyone in such a rush to remove them?

I live, breath and eat tree tubes.  I try my best to read through forum threads because I feel these conversations between folks are their real experiences in trying to establish wildlife plantings.  I get to see all the success stories and all the failures as well as what seems to be an alarming belief [...]

Tree Tube Lessons – A tree rises from the grave
Tree Tube Lessons - A tree rises from the grave

I was out yesterday checking my dove field and while walking the field edge I was also checking on a line of trees that are in tree tubes that I performed some spring maintenance on May 26th, 2013.  All the trees were doing great and were covered with bright green new flushes of growth, but [...]

Hate times Tree Tubes Equals Love Again

I get a lot of phone calls from people who are about to spend, at times, some pretty serious money on tree tubes, stakes, weed mats and fertilizer for their trees they are planting for the deer.  And in the very next sentence they say “I just hate those deer.”  I myself have even said [...]