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Standing up (or at least springing back) to deer!

Getting back to some of the issues raised in Dr. Felix Ponder’s excellent article, “Benefits and Drawbacks of Tree Shelters,” published in the December 2009 issue of the Walnut Council Bulletin. One issue raised by growers who responded to Dr. Ponder’s survey was that tree tubes are sometimes damaged by deer rubbing their antlers on [...]

The True “Cost” of Tree Tubes

I have been reviewing several old articles about treeshelters (tree tubes).  These were mostly written by foresters testing and considering tree tubes for use in hardwood timber regeneration.  One common theme runs through these early articles:  Tree tubes are viewed as “expensive.” Really?  To consider the true costs of using tree tubes to see if [...]

Tree Shelter Experiences… We’ve come a long way

I was just reading an article entitled, “Benefits and Drawbacks of Tree Shelters,” by Dr. Felix Ponder of the University of Missouri. The article appeared in the December, 2009 issue of the Walnut Council Bulletin. (By the way, we highly recommend that anyone interested in growing black walnut join the Walnut Council, a great source [...]