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Order your spring trees now!

It’s only November, and tree planting is probably not on your radar screen yet.  Hunting Season… Thanksgiving… Holidays… before you even have a chance to come up for air and start looking through tree nursery catalogs and web sites. The problem is that by that time many of the most popular varieties of trees are [...]

Speaking of replacing stakes…

Now is a great time to visit your tree tubes and check on the wood or bamboo stakes… did rutting bucks knock them over or snap them off?… did they rot off at the groundline or break in the wind? Broken stakes and fallen tree tubes leave your trees vulnerable to deer browse this winter [...]

PVC stakes getting rave reviews!

We have been hearing from customers about the benefits and great performance of Tree Protection Supply’s PVC Tree Tube Stakes. One customer who has been using both metal electrical conduit and 1.2″ PVC stakes wrote to say how much better the PVC stakes are.  When the ground is wet, the wind pushes against the tree [...]