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Google Earth – Average Joe Mapping

Unless your a professional in the natural resources field you probably have not heard of Arcview/ArcMap or the term GIS (Geographic Information System), but you may have heard of Google Earth.  As a forester, Arcview has been an absolute necessity in integrating gps data, aerial maps, topo maps, wetland maps, etc to stand type properties, [...]

Survey Question #2

Another question that was asked on the QDMA website was “What type of deer hunting will you do the most of this season?”  Answers were: “Muzzle loader 3%, Shotgun 5%, Rifle 26%, and Archery 66%.”  The high number of archery responses may surprise a lot of you, but it would seem to me to fit [...]

Surveying a Survey

I was perusing my Dec/Jan issue of the QDMA magazine today and came across an interesting survey they took on their website. One question was “What size food plots do you typically plant?”  The answers where “6-10 acres – 11%      1 – 5 acres – 39%    Less than 1 acre – 46%.”  This quickly caught [...]

Verbing A Word

Certain nouns or names become so well known and popular they get turned into verbs in common usage.  One such word is Tubex, as in Tubex Tree Tubes. A great product for protecting seedling trees from deer browse and other damage has become, in the minds of many professional foresters, a verb for protecting their [...]