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Installing a tree tube should not be a seasonal event

There is never a bad time to put a tree tube on a tree. Many people associate installing tree tubes with the actual planting of a tree, but the truth is you can install tree tubes on any tree any time of the year.  Deer don’t just browse seasonally, bush hogs don’t know to not [...]

Tree Protection Supply New Tree Tube Warehouse
Tree Protection Supply New Tree Tube Warehouse

Call it impulsive, call it compulsive, call it insane, but Tree Protection Supply finally moved into our new warehouse back in March.  Many in the tree tube industry would say we were completely insane to move all of our product and get set up in a new facility in the middle of the busy season, [...]

Bur Oak progress and how we should rethink our landscape trees

On our home page at, you will see a flash slideshow of a bur oak that I planted last winter. At the time of planting it was recorded at 28” tall.  At the end of June, I snapped these photos of it emerging from the top of the 4 ft tree tube and I [...]