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Customized Tree Tubes Shipping
Customized Tree Tubes Shipping

We work extra hard to customize our shipments to produce the lowest delivered price that we can.  We put a lot of thought in how to get our tree tubes to you by the lowest cost available.  For large freight orders, this means obtaining  quotes from multiple freight providers as well as getting creative in [...]

Ensuring Planting Investment Realization – What?

Our slogan is “Ensuring Planting Investment Realization” and we felt like expanding on why we feel this to be an appropriate slogan and mission statement all wrapped up in one wall street sounding tagline.  It is all based on the simple question of “why do you plant trees?”  We all plant trees for different reasons, [...]

Deer browsing the tops of your trees? We can fix that.

I would like to introduce our new product that can take any tube height and increase it by 2 feet.  The Tubextender is easily installed on any tree tube with a pvc stake in less than a minute and will ultimately allow for you to keep those trees growing upward with all its energy.  Once [...]

Tree Tube Height – Why we choose the height that we do

I take a lot of phone calls asking what height of tree tube should someone use and I have always advised that you buy the height of the tube based on what you are trying to protect the planting from causing harm. This primarily relates to deer and we always classify it as either low [...]