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They bundle phone, internet and cable. Why not tree tubes?

We see all the time on tv of how media companies can provide great savings by bundling your home digital needs.  They wrap up all of the services in one package and you get a great deal.  Well why can’t you do that with tree tubes?  YOU CAN!  If you know of friends that are [...]

Glow in the Dark Tree Tubes
Glow in the Dark Tree Tubes

So yes, I am a total tree tube dork.  I love all things tree tubes and I almost came out of my chair when I stumbled upon these pictures taken by a gentlemen named Jeremy Jordan in Whiteley England.  I contacted Jeremy and he graciously sent me his pictures showing the sun setting and the [...]

You can recycle your tree tubes for a second use

Most companies would think we are crazy for even suggesting and even crazier for showing you how to get up to two uses out of our products, but we here at Tree Protection Supply firmly believe in making your dollar go further and our customers getting the most use out of their tree tubes.  Technically [...]