Arbor Day Planting 2012

Earlier this year, Tree Protection Supply was asked to come assist the Coweta County Rotary Club in planting White Oak seedlings around the welcome center and wax myrtle at the entrance of the Chattahoochee State Bend Park.  TPS was happy to help and we also donated the tree tubes to ensure the plantings were successful considering the high deer population out on that end of the county.  We were also honored to have had Ga House of Representative Lynn Smith help us out and educate here on the benefits of using tree tubes and planting bare root seedlings.  We started with a quick demonstration of how to properly plant a bare root seedling and then how to install the tree tube. Groups of the club set out to plant and tube trees around the welcome center and various campsites.  We really enjoyed helping several youth that had come along with their parents as they will be the real beneficiaries of these planting.

TPS finds it very important to keep our younger generations informed and involved in the outdoors and trees.  It was rewarding to have been a part of this project and we look forward to many more to come.

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