Breaking news — Epic Drought not seen by trees in tree tubes.

First off, what a crazy winter, spring, and summer it has been here at TPS. We have so much news and information to share in coming blog posts so check back soon to catch up on all of our goings ons.

With that, I wanted to share some feedback we are getting from customers that planted trees and installed tubes on most, all or some percentage of their project and are now enduring an epic drought that is now covering approximately 64% of our nation. The bad news is the trees that are not in tubes have either died or are so stressed that they may not fully recover to become a tree worth keeping, but the GREAT NEWS is that the trees inside the tubes are doing well and growing despite some areas only receiving less than a half inch of rain per month and weeks of 100+ degree days. These results have prompted customers to already begin to re-order in the middle of summer to try and save what trees they have left as the the old saying “the proof is in the pudding” definitely holds true here.

While we don’t sell actual pudding, we sure have been selling a lot of proof this year and if seeing is believing, then we have created some serious believers and we hope you decide to see what the fuss is all about. Check our our tree tubes and which tube might work best for you drought stricken trees.

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