Calculators and scratch sheets to buy tree tubes?

I got into the tree tube business because I was trying to price out a large planting job and by the end of the week, yes a week, I had an elaborate unnecessarily complicated spreadsheet trying to compare pricing across several different companies based on how they offer volume pricing vs percent off total order vs other pricing schemes.  I thought this is completely insane.  Why would anyone need to make a spreadsheet to buy a tree tube??  TPS was born out of a need to consolidate the searching and pricing of tree tubes and return efficiency to the buying experience, but then the other day I was doing something on the TPS site and realized, that in our success of creating so many great products, we had become the monster I set out to slay, but it was just all on one site instead of 5 or more.

So the TPS Product Comparison Tool has been unleashed!!!  This spreadsheet, yes I know a spreadsheet, allows you to compare all of our 4, 5 and 6 ft tubes and stakes side by side and across all quantity tiers.  It will soon be upgraded to all heights and other products, but we had to start somewhere right?  You can acquire all the product information you need on each product’s respective page, but now you don’t have to add items to the cart, check the total, change the qty, check the total, change the product, check the total, etc, etc.  Do you want to know how much you can save by buying one more tube to go to the next pricing tier?  Easy.  Want to know the difference in buying 4 ft tubes and 4 ft stakes vs 5 ft tubes and 5 ft stakes vs 4 ft tubes with 5 ft stakes vs 5 ft tubes and 6 ft stakes?  Double easy. The pricing tool is located in the upper left corner of each tube and stake page.  Check it out and put your calculator and scratch sheet back in the drawer.  We have done all the math for you.

So you may still need a spreadsheet to make a smart and researched decision, but isn’t that why excel was created?


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