Can I put tree tubes on my seedling trees in mid summer?

Absolutely!  There is no bad time to put tree tubes on your seedlings.  Tree tubes always are beneficial for tree seedling survival and growth acceleration. 

When you place tree tubes on seedlings that are in full leaf in mid summer, you will likely notice that they don’t respond immediately with a burst of growth.  That’s because the leaves that developed without a tree tube have a different morphology and physiology; they grew under much more stressful conditions (full sun, wind, heat, deer browse, etc) and are built more for moisture conservation than for optimal growth.  “Un-tubed” leaves are smaller, thicker, and have a thicker cuticle layer.  These un-tubed seedling leaves are not able to take full advantage of the stress-free growing environment inside the tree tube… but at least once they are tree tubed they are no longer getting eaten by critters, baked in the sun or desiccated by wind!

When the newly tubed seedling starts developing new leaves in the tree tube, you will notice two things:

1.  Those leaves will be different.  They will be larger, glossier and more vibrant.  (A part of your brain will want to use the term “happier.”)

2. The tree will start growing MUCH faster.  The new leaves have the right morphology for taking full advantage of the growing conditions in the tree tube. They are, as we have said before, turbo charged.

The process happens very quickly.  Within a couple of weeks of putting tree tubes on your trees you will see this process in action – the big, shiny new leaves followed by a burst of growth!

When is the best time to put tree tubes on your seedlings?  TODAY!

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