Customized Tree Tubes Shipping

We work extra hard to customize our shipments to produce the lowest delivered price that we can.  We put a lot of thought in how to get our tree tubes to you by the lowest cost available.  For large freight orders, this means obtaining  quotes from multiple freight providers as well as getting creative in how to package the shipment.  Other companies try to standardize their shipments so it costs them less time to price and create the shipment and in return costs you more, but we take the opposite approach in that the burden of shipping should not be put on  the customer.

You can see in the picture to the left that we have put 400 5 ft oak stakes on the bottom and then added 550 5 ft tree tubes on top that allows for the shipment to go out on one pallet therefore reducing the overall cost of the order.  In the picture below, we are shipping 2000 4 ft tubes and stakes on 4 pallets.  We put the stakes inside the tubes which allows for the pallets to be a higher density and fewer quantity.  This makes the overall shipment cheaper than having to ship separate pallets for tubes and stakes.

Our Fed ex shipments take on the same method of shipping the stakes inside the tubes.  This allows for us to basically ship the stakes for free.  We make our own bags custom to the quantity so you get to order the quantity you want and not the quantity we want you to order to make it easier on ourselves.

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