Deer browsing the tops of your trees? We can fix that.

I would like to introduce our new product that can take any tube height and increase it by 2 feet.  The Tubextender is easily installed on any tree tube with a pvc stake in less than a minute and will ultimately allow for you to keep those trees growing upward with all its energy.  Once the top bud of a tree is broken or browsed off, the lateral branches begin a war to see who can become the new apical bud.  The tree now has to use energy to grown 2 to 5 limbs upwards instead of just the one dominate stem.  You can imagine how much this takes away from the growing potential of a tree and will also lead to poor form years down the road.  The Tubextender attaches at the bottom of the tree which will allow for the smooth top edge of the already installed tube to remain at the top and will not cause stem abrasion once the tree emerges from the new tube height.  It also moves the venting of the tube up with the tree so that it remains around the leaves of the tree where the CO2 transfer happens.  A 4 ft tube is now 6 feet and a 5 ft tube is now 7 feet with little work and little cost!  See below how easy it is to install this product.  Please note that we did prune the tree to have a single leader before installing the Tubextender.  Now it has it’s dominate leader and it is protected for good!

In the previous post, I explained how your decision to purchase a particular height should be based more on your budget and not deer population.  This option now allows for you to possibly take that lower budget route, see what browse pressure you have and then add this product as needed to trees that have been browsed.  With the 4 ft tube option this might only require an addition to only 25% of your trees or less and if you originally installed 5 ft tubes then maybe only 10% of your trees would need to be raised by this product.  Either way it allows for your money to go further and you tree planting projects to be bigger!!

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