Ensuring Planting Investment Realization – What?

Our slogan is “Ensuring Planting Investment Realization” and we felt like expanding on why we feel this to be an appropriate slogan and mission statement all wrapped up in one wall street sounding tagline.  It is all based on the simple question of “why do you plant trees?”  We all plant trees for different reasons, but we all have the same end game in mind and that is to one day see mature trees producing hard and soft mast.  Most people might not look at planting a tree as an investment, but you are using your time, your money, your land and your patience to wait for a tree to come to maturity.  Think of the tree as a stock you have purchased with the intent for it to be a long term investment.  These type stocks are safe and conservative stocks that don’t take too much of a hit when things go south.  It doesn’t produce huge gains in short spans, but one day you look at your portfolio and BAM, that little stock has grown and doubled and compounded interest into a nice little retirement account.

Now look out your window at that tree you planted 10 or 15 years ago and BAM, it has grown and doubled and compounded its root system into a nice mature mast bearing tree.  But that tree didn’t get that big with just luck.  Deer, weeds, rodents, your teenage son changing his music on his ipod while mowing, wind and drought all fought against your tree, but the smart little “hedge” fund manager you are was fighting back from the beginning when you planted that tree in a tree tube.  You gave it the shelter to survive and push back against the markets and achieve blue chip status.

That’s what we do here.  We help ensure that that initial investment in the future of a planting is realized.

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