Follow up on Glow in The Dark Tree Tubes

TreeTubes-5So during this time of year, our phone is still literally ringing off the desk.  I would say hook, but we are only mobile here at TPS so we don’t have the traditional phone that could unhook itself from so much ringing.  Anywho,  people call with questions they want answered before ordering and one person was asking if the tubes they saw on the blog really do glow in the dark. I answered “no,” and began to explain why they looked that way and as I explained it, I was explaining a phenomenon that I myself had not even thought of when I posted the pictures.

The customer had asked earlier in the conversation if the tubes allowed enough light in for the tree to grow and I explained that they do allow the proper percentage of light translucency into the tube for optimal tree growth. But back to the explanation of why the tubes looked as if they glow in the dark.  I started by pointing out that as it grew darker, everything that had solid mass (trees, grass, brush, etc) basically looked black in the picture because it is a solid object and doesn’t let light through and to notice how the tubes are not turning black.  The fact is they are getting brighter. So this shows just how much light the tubes let in as they are grabbing every ounce of available light left in the sky which makes them appear to be glowing.  This picture demonstrates the ability of the tubes to let light in to the planting stock at even the darkest of light conditions.

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