For tree seedlings, it’s a different world

Our slogan at Tree Protection Supply is: Yes, your trees will grow on their own, but why wait?

A lot of very big concepts are covered in that simple slogan.  Today I just want to focus on one of them, the concept of waiting for your trees to grow, and what that means.

Next time you see a big, mature hardwood tree – perhaps 100 or 125 years old – think about this.  When that tree got established, there were by most counts fewer than 500,000 white tailed deer east of the Mississippi River.  Nowadays there are many states where that number of deer are harvested every fall… without decreasing the overall size of the deer herd!  When that tree got started, there were very few exotic and invasive weed & grass species competing with it for moisture, sunlight and nutrients.  When that tree got started – especially if it was an oak – it probably benefitted from fire which served to suppress competing vegetation long enough for that tree to get established.

And even then, that tree was one of thousands of seeds produced by a long-dead parent tree, one of the tiny number that overcame the odds to grow to maturity.

Fast forward to 2010.  Take a look at an oak (or chestnut, or persimmon, or black walnut, etc.) seedling that you just planted, and think about this:  That seedling needs to overcome deer pressure that is many, many multiples of what that mature tree faced in its day.  That seedling needs to battle for resources against dozens of exotic and invasive weeds and grasses, usually without benefit of fire.

The odds are stacked against tree survival more than ever.  When we say “… but why wait?” part of waiting is repeated years of replanting to replace seedlings lost to deer, drought, and weeds.  Yes, you’ll probably be successful eventually (then again, one of the definitions of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result!)… but who has years to spend replanting, hoping, and waiting?

Luckily, the tree planter of 2010 has many more tools at his or her disposal than ever before.  More information.  Better planting stock.  Better weed control methods.

And, of course, tree tubes.  Tree tubes are, quite simply, the most powerful tree establishment tool ever developed for getting a specific tree to grow in a specific place for a specific purpose.  Tree Tubes provide so many benefits it’s hard to wrap you mind around them all:  Deer browse protection.  Moisture stress reduction.  Location marking.  Rodent protection.  Accelerated growth.  Improved early tree form.  Better root form and development.  Protection from herbicides.  Protection from mowers, brush hogs and weed trimmers.

Pretty soon nearly every high value hardwood or wildlife habitat tree planted will get a tree tube.  Tree Protection Supply is doing its part by making this revolutionary technology available to tree planters at lower prices than ever before!

Why wait?

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