Hate times Tree Tubes Equals Love Again

I get a lot of phone calls from people who are about to spend, at times, some pretty serious money on tree tubes, stakes, weed mats and fertilizer for their trees they are planting for the deer.  And in the very next sentence they say “I just hate those deer.”  I myself have even said the same thing about them devouring my warm and cool season food plots (more on how to prevent this problem very soon), but I started thinking.  Why do we spend all this time and money managing for something that we want around?  That is why you plant food plots, plant wildlife trees to produce more mast, even thin, burn, possibly understory release your timber all to promote larger deer that you claim to hate??

We don’t really hate deer.  We love them. We dream about them.  We brag about certain deer we see on our properties, but we do hate what they can do to a newly planted tree or a 3 year old tree that is just starting to stretch its legs and produce mast in the next year or two.  By using tree tubes, you can eliminate the damage done by deer to your trees, stop re-planting trees, losing valuable years of growth and mast production potential and get back to what we all love to do.

So the equation in the title is mathematically correct in that hate multiplied by tree tubes is equal to zero damage.  And zero damage to your trees allows you to rekindle that love lost.

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