Hell with the Hail

We had a significant line of storms come through our area in Georgia earlier this week and another the previous week.  The first storm produced a storm cell of almost softball sized hail in an area of the county where I actually have a tree tube growth study in progress.  This area was severely damaged by the hail and stands of pine trees looked as if they had little leaf disease or loblolly decline because the hail knocked off practically 90% of the needles, many of the oaks that are just now leafing out got beat up pretty good as well and people were already getting their houses re-roofed.  So I pull up to my site expecting to find some serious issues with my proving ground and to my surprise you would not have know anything had happened.  The tubes were standing straight up and the trees inside were happy as a bug in a rug.  The tubes had protected them from the hail and the pvc stakes allowed the tubes to move/bend and work with the wind instead of a rigid stake that has to fight against the wind.  This dynamic duo did their job just as I should have predicted.  I talk with people everyday about how tubes protect from deer, rodents, herbicide, wind, bushhogs, etc, but I never once thought about the occasional hail storm.  So chalk this one up on the “protects from” list as it would have been certain death for those little guys.

I am used to singing “to hell with Georgia Tech,” but I have to switch it up for a week or so and sing “to hell with hail.”  And if you’re from the south the two words sound exactly the same so it sounds much more catchy down here.  Look for our new hit country single……

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