Herbicides + Tree Tubes Offer Free To Grow Conditions

Herbaceous weed control is paramount when trying to get the optimum performance from your trees. Grasses, weeds, and brush compete with your trees for water and nutrients. The growth around your trees is also a haven for rodents, so by eliminating a radius of cover from around your trees, the little furries are less likely to try and scurry across that open ground to chomp on your tree. Herbicides have become very cost efficient with generic products of glyphosate. Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Round Up and is a non selective chemical. By applying a 1.5 – 2% solution (2 – 2.5 oz per gallon) of 41% glyphosate around your trees you can effectively treat your trees for roughly $0.26 per tree (of course be sure to read the label of the brand you use for specific rates).

Tree tubes work for you in this arena by providing protection from the herbicide as you apply it by foot, atv or tractor. Anybody that has walked out to there planting site, looked at all the 4 ft annual weeds, and wondered “where did I plant my trees?” will attest to the importance of spraying around your trees and most importantly knowing where the tree is so you don’t spray it! Take a look below to see how we killed everything around the tree and the tree shelter protected the Chinquapin Oak from being sprayed.

Note: We apparently did not sharpen our pencils the day of filming and stated that by spraying a 3 ft radius around the tree it would leave 12 sq ft of coverage. The actual area is 28.26 sq ft which is what the costs stated above are based on. We grow trees not space shuttles, so sorry for the lack in math skills.

Its never too late to spray your trees. Whether they were planted this year or 5 years ago, they will benefit from “free to grow” conditions! If you haven’t sprayed your trees this year, you have plenty of time until fall to get them cleaned up and ready for winter since they are protected in their tree shelter from Tree Protection Supply…..

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