Installing a tree tube should not be a seasonal event

There is never a bad time to put a tree tube on a tree. Many people associate installing tree tubes with the actual planting of a tree, but the truth is you can install tree tubes on any tree any time of the year.  Deer don’t just browse seasonally, bush hogs don’t know to not mow over a 1 – 2 ft seedling in 3 foot grass, and mother nature doesn’t decide to go easy on your property because there are some little un-tubed trees out there.  Take a look at this video we took last week of a southern red oak that I had mowed over a couple of months ago without knowing he was there.  The great thing about this is that the root system of this tree is larger than you would think because the tree has technically had to grow twice and the second time it was supporting two competing branches.  This tree will fly out of this Tubex Combitube tree tube now that it has been protected at the end of August.  Yep, the dog days of summer and tree tubes are going on trees.  Wonders never cease!


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