OMG, How fast can my tree tubes get here??

This time of year, we often get calls from frantic customers who have either just been reminded that they had ordered trees because they just received their tree seedlings or they only remember to order their tree tubes only a day or so before they are supposed to receive their seedlings.  They call asking “how fast can you get my tree tubes here?  I just got my trees in the mail today.”

I try to calm them down by explaining that they are not in eminent danger of their seedlings dying.  I instruct them to inspect the packaging and make sure that the roots have been shipped with either some wet straw hay, wet newspaper strips or a gel root dip substance.  If not then put some hay or wet paper in with the roots to keep them moist and keep them in a cool, dark and non heated place.  This can be a tool shed, garage, or barn.  These trees will keep in this state easily for days and even a week or two if need be since they are in their dormant state and do not require much to to remain viable.  Keeping the roots cool and moist is the most important thing to remember.  Since we can deliver tree tubes usually within 2 – 4 days of ordering, your little tree seedlings will do just fine remaining in the shipping packaging.

The one thing to not do in any situation is to go ahead and plant your trees out on the site without the tree tubes. We find that the fresh disturbed soil that is created from digging the hole to plant the trees is like setting off a blinking beacon to the deer to come visit the little tree and eat it or snap it off with their antlers.

It’s OK.  Step away from the seedlings.  Tree tubes are arriving shortly!

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