Our stakes bend over backwards for you

Carson and I were standing around in the driveway talking about tree tubes of course and his daughter Kate started playing around a Bur Oak seedling I planted last winter in the side yard with our 4 ft Tubex Combitube and pvc stake. I watched as she started to bat the tube around like a boxing bag and it would spring back and forth as she hit it. I of course had to whip out the phone and video this proof in the pudding about how our stake operates under extreme conditions. If you have or have had children then you know what constitutes extreme conditions when a 3 year old starts to get curious and “tests” limits of items.

By the time the video starts, she has decided to lean into the stake and tube and you can see the stake do exactly what it is designed to do. Spring back up and keep the tube and tree in an upright growing and protective position. You can’t script this kind of stuff and we thank Kate for her actions as its a ton of fun to illustrate that our pvc stake can do what no other stake on the market can do.

PVC Stakes are flexible and sturdy


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