Overlooked Benefits Of Tree Tubes

Folks usually buy tree tubes the first time because they are sick of their seedlings getting eaten by deer, and they are sick of planting again and again with nothing to show for it.

When folks talk about tree tubes they usually focus on the amazing growth of their trees – like fishing buddies vying for bragging rights, tree tube users try to “one up” each other with stories of amazing tree growth.  And unlike most fish stories, tree tube stories tend to be true!

With deer browse protection that means no more failed plantings, and growth worth bragging about, it’s easy to overlook the other benefits tree shelter tubes provide.

First and foremost – and so obvious it’s easy to forget – tree tubes mean you can find your seedlings out there in the brush and grass.  For anyone who has spent hours combing the tall grass looking for 12” oak seedlings, that’s no small thing!

Second and equally important – tree tubes allow you to do the weed control that further accelerates growth.  How many times have you wanted to spray or mow around your trees but didn’t because you couldn’t find them amidst the weeds & grass and were worried you would spray your trees or mow them off by mistake?

Question: So do trees grow faster in tree tubes because of the microclimate, or because they aren’t getting eaten by deer, or because they allow you to do the weed control that accelerates growth.

Answer: Who cares as long as you get the results you want!

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