PVC stakes getting rave reviews!

We have been hearing from customers about the benefits and great performance of Tree Protection Supply’s PVC Tree Tube Stakes.

One customer who has been using both metal electrical conduit and 1.2″ PVC stakes wrote to say how much better the PVC stakes are.  When the ground is wet, the wind pushes against the tree tubes and stakes.  Because the metal conduit stake does not flex, it cannot absorb any of the force of the wind, and it “knifes” through the wet soil and becomes tilted.

In contrast the PVC stakes flex to absorb the force of the wind, so that the force is not transferred to the below-ground portion of the stake; the stake flexes and when the wind stop it straightens out again!

That flexing & bending of course has the added benefit of allowing the tree to thicken its stem, just like a tree grown in an open field without a tree tube (or at least like a tree in an open field without a tree tube would grow if it wasn’t getting eaten by deer!).

Our PVC stakes are clearly superior to any other tree tube stake out there as well.  Oak and other hardwood stakes are extremely expensive, do not flex, and of course are subject to termites and decay.  Bamboo stakes also break down quickly in the soil, and often break off at the ground line.  Bamboo costs less up front, but plan on doing a lot of maintenance and stake replacement.

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