PVC vs Ford Expedition – You will be suprised who won!

So I was picking up a load of pvc yesterday to make more stakes and a bundle of ten sticks of pvc had fallen off to the side into the parking lot without my knowledge.  It was raining and the gray pvc blended in with the gray asphalt like a rattlesnake and the next thing I heard was a very loud series of cracks.  I turned to see and saw a Ford Expedition finishing an off road move over my pvc.  I walk over expecting to find shattered shards of pvc all over the parking lot, but I was utterly amazed that the only thing busted was the tape that held the bundle together.  That moment right there sold me on the endurance of the pvc as an incredible material for tree tube stakes (not that I wasn’t already sold, but I hadn’t tested it against a motorized vehicle).  If “Ford Tough’ can’t take down the pvc stake, then “ol’ split tines” shouldn’t have a chance either.

If you receive a stake with a few tire treads on it, then you will already know the story behind them.

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