QDMA 2011 Whitetail Report Highlights

So the QDMA 2011 whitetail report was released this past week and out of the 96 pages I have some highlights of the data that at least relates to the importance of tree tubes (of course).  In 2009, hunters harvested 3,253,167 anterless deer which was down 4% from 2008 and 2,585,348 antlered deer and that was down 6%.  With the curtain pulled back you probably are asking “and?…..”   A lot of people might just read this as straight statistics, but I read it as less deer are being harvested meaning that there are more deer around to eat your trees.  I can only imagine that each year the total number of deer harvested will be less than the year before.  Why?

Here is where I read into numbers and start to make my own assumptions so take this for what it is worth.  Since 1991, private land ownership is up over 56%.  This ultimately removes a lot of the “lease to hunt” hunt camps that followed no management programs, only arrived on the land in late August to plant fall food plots, canvas the property with more 4 wheelers than a Shriners parade and tout a “brown its down” philosophy.

Enter the private landowner.  Here a blend of practices comes to light.  You have the landowners that will still lease out their properties to hunt clubs, close it off to hunting and only show up one to two times a year, or manage the property under QDMA guidelines and perform proper herd management.  Couple this with declining youth hunting and we can expect a continued upward trend in deer populations and browsing pressure.

So the take home message here is use tree tubes!!

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