Revolutionary Weed Mat Announcement

Tree Protection Supply is thrilled to announce the addition on a revolutionary weed mat product to the US market for the first time ever.  The Irripan presents itself as a weed mat, a rain collector, a soil moisture recycler, a competing weed killer and a light reflector.  This is definitely not your father’s weed mat.  Actually it is not even your neighbor’s weed mat!

All other weed mats that exist on the market today do kill weeds and only slow the evaporation of water from the soil.  That is it.  No other features.

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Irripan collects water, recycles soil moisture and kills competing weeds

The Irripan operates just as a traditional weed mat will in that it shades out competing weeds and allows the planting to grow with no competition for soil moisture and nutrients, but from there it goes in an entirely different direction.  The concave shape of the Irripan collects and funnels rain to the tree.  The following chart demonstrates that the Irripan allows on average 3.3 times more rain collection capability vs no Irripan:

irripan_data_chartYou can see that these were not huge rain events.  The average rain event during this data collection was 0.20″ with the smallest rain event being 0.09″ and the largest of 0.44″.

The weather pattern during these rains was extremely isolated rain showers as demonstrated below for the 0.14″ event:

This is a typical summer time weather pattern in that the rain is so isolated, one property can get rain and the adjacent property stays dry.  The Irripan allows for you to capitalize on every rain event no matter how small. You can imagine how fast that 0.14 inches of rain would disappear due to competing vegetation and the fact that it fell during the warmest part of the day at around 4pm.  Weeds and evaporation would steal that water faster than Usain Bold runs the 100m dash.

This is where the soil moisture recycling comes into play.  The raised feature of the Irripan allows water to evaporate, but it re condenses on the underside of the pan and is funneled back to the tree.  So now you have more water collection and an extremely small amount of the water that is collected is lost due to evaporation or weeds.

The bright surface of the Irripan also reflects light back to the tree which further increases the growth benefit gained.  A planting in an Irripan is now collecting more water, losing less water and receiving more light.

Can you see how the Irripan’s features build on each other to muliply water, light and prevention of weed competion levels to provide superior performance for your planting unlike anything that has come to the market to date.

Visit our Irripan weedmat product page for pricing and further information

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