Speaking of replacing stakes…

Now is a great time to visit your tree tubes and check on the wood or bamboo stakes… did rutting bucks knock them over or snap them off?… did they rot off at the groundline or break in the wind?

Broken stakes and fallen tree tubes leave your trees vulnerable to deer browse this winter and next spring.

Now is a great time (at least in parts of the country where the ground hasn’t frozen yet) to get some PVC tree tube stakes from Tree Protection Supply and replace those broken or decayed wood and bamboo stakes.  The best is that when you do you know:

1) You’ll be dramatically improving the performance of your tree tubes and trees – the PVC stakes will flex to promote better growth, will flex in the wind and spring back straight (without tilting), and will not decay

2) You’ll be able to use these same stakes again in the future

3) You’ll know that next time you buy tree tubes you’ll use PVC stakes from the beginning and never have to replace them!

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