Survey Question #2

Another question that was asked on the QDMA website was “What type of deer hunting will you do the most of this season?”  Answers were: “Muzzle loader 3%, Shotgun 5%, Rifle 26%, and Archery 66%.”  The high number of archery responses may surprise a lot of you, but it would seem to me to fit the mold of a typical QDMA member.  QDMA members are some of the most educated hunters out there and they have been hunting a long time which typically means to me that the thrill of rifle hunting started to drift away as each season went by.  At least this is the trend I have witnessed with friends and clients of mine.

So to the point of this post, a good archer knows his/her limits to the range they have for their kill zone.  For most I wouldn’t put it outside of 40 yds.  So you need to make sure you are set up in a spot where you know a deer will present itself within that zone.  Planting fruit or hard mast trees in a corner of a food plot creates the perfect environment for a deer to enter that area and hold in that area long enough to make the perfect shot.  Not only are the deer there to feed, but it also makes them feel at ease with their surrounding.  They can forage without being in the open and we all know that the big boys are big because they don’t flaunt their stuff out in the open. My mom told me the same thing about girls……

If you are just starting to think about getting into archery hunting or you have been doing it forever, it’s not too late to start forming new strategies for next season on how to create that perfect honey hole to get the perfect stick.  Give us an email or a call and we will be happy to give you advice on what we have seen work or what we are hearing other people are doing to get that dream deer. or 770.313.7299

We love nothing more than to hear that a customer’s trees have excelled way beyond their expectations because they used tree tubes, but that their hunting and/or outdoor experiences have soared to new heights because of the planning and tree planting they have done is even more of a reward to us.

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