Surveying a Survey

I was perusing my Dec/Jan issue of the QDMA magazine today and came across an interesting survey they took on their website.

One question was “What size food plots do you typically plant?”  The answers where “6-10 acres – 11%      1 – 5 acres – 39%    Less than 1 acre – 46%.”  This quickly caught my eye as 85% of people hunt on food plots less than 5 acres and I would be willing to bet that almost 90% of those 85 hunt on food plots less than 2.5 acres.  What a lot of people may not know is that almost 80% of deer browse is natural vegetation out in the woods so we need to make that other 20% the best 20% we can.  There are a growing number of seed manufactures out there claiming to have the newest and best food plot mixes with the best nutrients, but at the end of the day who really has the best product??  I say mother nature…..  Mast producing trees have been providing amazing nutritional sources for deer and other wildlife since the last ice age and it fits into the slot of native vegetation.  So why spend a lot of extra money on fancy seed blends when the deer are going to naturally come to your bearing trees?? And since almost 50% of hunters are hunting over plots less than an acre, then you need to make sure that is the best darn acre around.  Spend a day planting the corners with fruit and nut trees or plant one side of the plot to establish a long term nutrition source that doesn’t require you to sit on a tractor or four wheeler all day tilling, fertilizing, seeding, etc and then sweating it out at night looking at the weather radar hoping it rains!

I suggest checking out Mossy Oak Native Nursery for one of their packages that can help ensure that mast is falling on that plot for the entire hunting season.  Then buy some tree tubes from us, Tree Protection Supply, to ensure those trees survive and perform at optimum levels.

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