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Deer browsing the tops of your trees? We can fix that.

I would like to introduce our new product that can take any tube height and increase it by 2 feet.  The Tubextender is easily installed on any tree tube with a pvc stake in less than a minute and will ultimately allow for you to keep those trees growing upward with all its energy.  Once [...]

Bur Oak progress and how we should rethink our landscape trees

On our home page at, you will see a flash slideshow of a bur oak that I planted last winter. At the time of planting it was recorded at 28” tall.  At the end of June, I snapped these photos of it emerging from the top of the 4 ft tree tube and I [...]

Tree Tube FAQ: To prune or not to prune?

So you have your new treeshelter tubes from Tree Protection Supply, and you’re about to pop them over your sawtooth oak, persimmon or crabapple seedlings.  The seedlings have a few good-sized lateral branches on them, and you realize you have a choice:  You can gather those lateral branches together to place the tree tube over [...]

Our new blog!

Tree Protection Supply has moved our blog to coincide with our website  Here we plan to discuss the differences between tree tubes, tree shelters, treeshelters, grow tubes, or what ever you want to call them.  The bottom line is there is way more technical reasons behind the design of each one, different prices, etc [...]