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Tree Tube Lessons – A tree rises from the grave
Tree Tube Lessons - A tree rises from the grave

I was out yesterday checking my dove field and while walking the field edge I was also checking on a line of trees that are in tree tubes that I performed some spring maintenance on May 26th, 2013.  All the trees were doing great and were covered with bright green new flushes of growth, but [...]

Growth from Pruning

Here is the second installment of our informational series of videos clearly showing the benefits of pruning your planting stock at the time of planting.  Our previous video showed how excess growth, tree tube crowding, leaf shade out, and low CO2 transfer could hamper the all around performance of a tree when it is not [...]

Pruning – How less than 30 seconds can change the life of your tree

Tree Protection Supply will be posting informational how to videos on tree care.  We hope this series of videos will help landowners and land managers get the most out of their planting investment and help tree planters make a big impression when their client’s trees are outgrowing their neighbors. We can all admit it, everybody [...]