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QDMA National Convention
QDMA National Convention

TPS has enjoyed the first day of the QDMA national convention in Athens, GA.  Field demos in the morning and then another great day of speaking with folks truly excited about trees and how much tree tubes matter.  I love introducing people to tree tubes, but it is also alot of fun for people to [...]

QDMA 2011 Whitetail Report Highlights

So the QDMA 2011 whitetail report was released this past week and out of the 96 pages I have some highlights of the data that at least relates to the importance of tree tubes (of course).  In 2009, hunters harvested 3,253,167 anterless deer which was down 4% from 2008 and 2,585,348 antlered deer and that [...]

Surveying a Survey

I was perusing my Dec/Jan issue of the QDMA magazine today and came across an interesting survey they took on their website. One question was “What size food plots do you typically plant?”  The answers where “6-10 acres – 11%      1 – 5 acres – 39%    Less than 1 acre – 46%.”  This quickly caught [...]