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You plant your legacy and we will protect it

One great things about this business are all the amazing people I get to come in contact with on a daily basis.  One such customer forwarded me an article that focused on his tree planting efforts and the legacy he wanted to leave his family and the environment.  Matt has purchased thousands of tubes from [...]

Deer browsing the tops of your trees? We can fix that.

I would like to introduce our new product that can take any tube height and increase it by 2 feet.  The Tubextender is easily installed on any tree tube with a pvc stake in less than a minute and will ultimately allow for you to keep those trees growing upward with all its energy.  Once [...]

Order your spring trees now!

It’s only November, and tree planting is probably not on your radar screen yet.  Hunting Season… Thanksgiving… Holidays… before you even have a chance to come up for air and start looking through tree nursery catalogs and web sites. The problem is that by that time many of the most popular varieties of trees are [...]

Herbicides + Tree Tubes Offer Free To Grow Conditions

Herbaceous weed control is paramount when trying to get the optimum performance from your trees. Grasses, weeds, and brush compete with your trees for water and nutrients. The growth around your trees is also a haven for rodents, so by eliminating a radius of cover from around your trees, the little furries are less likely [...]

For tree seedlings, it’s a different world

Our slogan at Tree Protection Supply is: Yes, your trees will grow on their own, but why wait? A lot of very big concepts are covered in that simple slogan.  Today I just want to focus on one of them, the concept of waiting for your trees to grow, and what that means. Next time [...]