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No matter how hard you try, you can’t beat our tree tube prices!

I just had a fantastic conversation with a new customer.  He told me he had spent all day trying to beat our prices for tree tubes, and he couldn’t do it! Instead of spending the day trying to find a better price on tree tubes, start your shopping with Tree Protection Supply… that way you’ll [...]

Speaking of replacing stakes…

Now is a great time to visit your tree tubes and check on the wood or bamboo stakes… did rutting bucks knock them over or snap them off?… did they rot off at the groundline or break in the wind? Broken stakes and fallen tree tubes leave your trees vulnerable to deer browse this winter [...]

PVC stakes getting rave reviews!

We have been hearing from customers about the benefits and great performance of Tree Protection Supply’s PVC Tree Tube Stakes. One customer who has been using both metal electrical conduit and 1.2″ PVC stakes wrote to say how much better the PVC stakes are.  When the ground is wet, the wind pushes against the tree [...]

Get your roots for nothing and your (red oak) trees for free!

I’ve been telling you that nothing is easier than gathering acorns (and walnuts and chestnuts, etc) and planting the acorns with tree tubes (see previous posts and video). I was wrong. There is one thing easier: Putting tree tubes on red oak seedlings or stump sprouts that are already in the ground. This is a [...]

Tree Shelter Experiences… We’ve come a long way

I was just reading an article entitled, “Benefits and Drawbacks of Tree Shelters,” by Dr. Felix Ponder of the University of Missouri. The article appeared in the December, 2009 issue of the Walnut Council Bulletin. (By the way, we highly recommend that anyone interested in growing black walnut join the Walnut Council, a great source [...]

Flexible Stakes Improve Tree Tube Performance

Tree Protection Supply customers tend to be the most savvy tree tube users and buyers in the market.  They have tried different types of tubes, and many different types of stakes in an effort to find the combination that provides the best combination of price and performance. Lately I have been amazed with how so [...]

Can I put tree tubes on my seedling trees in mid summer?

Absolutely!  There is no bad time to put tree tubes on your seedlings.  Tree tubes always are beneficial for tree seedling survival and growth acceleration.  When you place tree tubes on seedlings that are in full leaf in mid summer, you will likely notice that they don’t respond immediately with a burst of growth.  That’s [...]

Which Tree Tube color is best?

For the landowner trying to choose the best tree tube for his or her trees the issue of tree tube color can get very confusing.  Visit one web site and you’re told that blue is best.  Visit another and you read about the wonders of a pink or “peach” color.  Visit a third site and [...]

Turbo-charged Tree Tubes!

Back in the dark ages of tree tubes – 20 years ago or so – the goal was to create an air tight, virtually hermetically sealed greenhouse environment. Man has that ever changed!  Research has shown that ventilation greatly enhances the performance of plastic treeshelters. Ventilation has two primary benefits: It reduces the temperature inside [...]

Overlooked Benefits Of Tree Tubes

Folks usually buy tree tubes the first time because they are sick of their seedlings getting eaten by deer, and they are sick of planting again and again with nothing to show for it. When folks talk about tree tubes they usually focus on the amazing growth of their trees – like fishing buddies vying [...]

Our new blog!

Tree Protection Supply has moved our blog to coincide with our website  Here we plan to discuss the differences between tree tubes, tree shelters, treeshelters, grow tubes, or what ever you want to call them.  The bottom line is there is way more technical reasons behind the design of each one, different prices, etc [...]