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Can I put tree tubes on my seedling trees in mid summer?

Absolutely!  There is no bad time to put tree tubes on your seedlings.  Tree tubes always are beneficial for tree seedling survival and growth acceleration.  When you place tree tubes on seedlings that are in full leaf in mid summer, you will likely notice that they don’t respond immediately with a burst of growth.  That’s [...]

Pruning – How less than 30 seconds can change the life of your tree

Tree Protection Supply will be posting informational how to videos on tree care.  We hope this series of videos will help landowners and land managers get the most out of their planting investment and help tree planters make a big impression when their client’s trees are outgrowing their neighbors. We can all admit it, everybody [...]

Overlooked Benefits Of Tree Tubes

Folks usually buy tree tubes the first time because they are sick of their seedlings getting eaten by deer, and they are sick of planting again and again with nothing to show for it. When folks talk about tree tubes they usually focus on the amazing growth of their trees – like fishing buddies vying [...]

When Is The Best Time To Apply Tree Tubes?

The best time to apply tree tubes:  When you plant.  The second best time:  Today!  Tree tubes can be placed over seedling hardwood (broadleaf) trees at any time, dormant or in full leaf. Ideally you would protect your seedlings with tree tubes approximately 1 nanosecond after planting – and with today’s deer populations even that [...]

Tubex Quality at Tree Protection Supply pricing!

When it comes to treeshelters, the Tubex name has long been the “gold standard” for quality & ease of installation. Unfortunately, in the US market the Tubex name has also been synonymous with “expensive,” leaving tree planters working on a budget (and what tree planter isn’t working on a budget?) to look for tubes that [...]