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Standing up (or at least springing back) to deer!

Getting back to some of the issues raised in Dr. Felix Ponder’s excellent article, “Benefits and Drawbacks of Tree Shelters,” published in the December 2009 issue of the Walnut Council Bulletin. One issue raised by growers who responded to Dr. Ponder’s survey was that tree tubes are sometimes damaged by deer rubbing their antlers on [...]

Tree Shelter Experiences… We’ve come a long way

I was just reading an article entitled, “Benefits and Drawbacks of Tree Shelters,” by Dr. Felix Ponder of the University of Missouri. The article appeared in the December, 2009 issue of the Walnut Council Bulletin. (By the way, we highly recommend that anyone interested in growing black walnut join the Walnut Council, a great source [...]

Trees and Tree Tubes – A Money Saving Consideration

It seems these days that in our economic downturn, everybody is watching their money a little closer and finding more and more inventive ways of stretching that penny. I was told once that “if you watch your cents, then your dollars will take care of themselves.” The wildlife management budget can be hit hard and [...]

When should you remove your tree tubes?

The issue of when to remove treeshelters seems to be a hot topic of discussion boards and online forums these days.  Tree tube users seems to fall into two camps: 1.  Since two of the primary benefits of tree tubes are rapid early growth and deer browse protection until the tree grows past the deer [...]

Which Tree Tube color is best?

For the landowner trying to choose the best tree tube for his or her trees the issue of tree tube color can get very confusing.  Visit one web site and you’re told that blue is best.  Visit another and you read about the wonders of a pink or “peach” color.  Visit a third site and [...]

Pruning – How less than 30 seconds can change the life of your tree

Tree Protection Supply will be posting informational how to videos on tree care.  We hope this series of videos will help landowners and land managers get the most out of their planting investment and help tree planters make a big impression when their client’s trees are outgrowing their neighbors. We can all admit it, everybody [...]

Tree Tube FAQ: To prune or not to prune?

So you have your new treeshelter tubes from Tree Protection Supply, and you’re about to pop them over your sawtooth oak, persimmon or crabapple seedlings.  The seedlings have a few good-sized lateral branches on them, and you realize you have a choice:  You can gather those lateral branches together to place the tree tube over [...]

When Is The Best Time To Apply Tree Tubes?

The best time to apply tree tubes:  When you plant.  The second best time:  Today!  Tree tubes can be placed over seedling hardwood (broadleaf) trees at any time, dormant or in full leaf. Ideally you would protect your seedlings with tree tubes approximately 1 nanosecond after planting – and with today’s deer populations even that [...]

TPS: Your INDEPENDENT Source For Treeshelters

Why buy from Tree Protection Supply?  Why not buy “factory direct?”  The answers are: Better information Better pricing Let’s start with information.  When you talk to any tree tube manufacturer directly, they of course have a vested interest in convincing you that the best tube for every situation is, coincidentally, the tube that they happen [...]

Tubex Quality at Tree Protection Supply pricing!

When it comes to treeshelters, the Tubex name has long been the “gold standard” for quality & ease of installation. Unfortunately, in the US market the Tubex name has also been synonymous with “expensive,” leaving tree planters working on a budget (and what tree planter isn’t working on a budget?) to look for tubes that [...]

Our Newest Product!

Tree Protection Supply is the only United States source and lowest price for the Tubex Combitube!!!!! Tree Protection Supply prides itself in providing the newest, most innovative treeshelter products on the market today. Since Tubex treeshelters are already the best selling tube for the rest of the world, why shouldn’t we in the US not [...]

Our new blog!

Tree Protection Supply has moved our blog to coincide with our website  Here we plan to discuss the differences between tree tubes, tree shelters, treeshelters, grow tubes, or what ever you want to call them.  The bottom line is there is way more technical reasons behind the design of each one, different prices, etc [...]