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Revolutionary Weed Mat Announcement
Revolutionary Weed Mat Announcement

Tree Protection Supply is thrilled to announce the addition on a revolutionary weed mat product to the US market for the first time ever.  The Irripan presents itself as a weed mat, a rain collector, a soil moisture recycler, a competing weed killer and a light reflector.  This is definitely not your father’s weed mat.  [...]

Tree Tubes – Why is everyone in such a rush to remove them?

I live, breath and eat tree tubes.  I try my best to read through forum threads because I feel these conversations between folks are their real experiences in trying to establish wildlife plantings.  I get to see all the success stories and all the failures as well as what seems to be an alarming belief [...]

Tree Tube Lessons – A tree rises from the grave
Tree Tube Lessons - A tree rises from the grave

I was out yesterday checking my dove field and while walking the field edge I was also checking on a line of trees that are in tree tubes that I performed some spring maintenance on May 26th, 2013.  All the trees were doing great and were covered with bright green new flushes of growth, but [...]

Which end is up on my tree tubes??

We do get calls from customers asking which end is up on my tree tubes??  Please see our answer below and hopefully this will assist you in your planting project.  Its understandable that if you have never installed a tree tube, then how would one know? &nbsp

Tree Tube Height – Why we choose the height that we do

I take a lot of phone calls asking what height of tree tube should someone use and I have always advised that you buy the height of the tube based on what you are trying to protect the planting from causing harm. This primarily relates to deer and we always classify it as either low [...]

Tree Tubes + PVC Stake + Acorns = Trees

Fall is officially upon us and the ever recognizable sound of acorns falling and pinging off metal roofs and car hoods can be heard throughout the neighborhoods.  Everyone is familiar with acorns dropping each year, but most don’t think much beyond seeing them sitting there on the ground.  Every acorn represents a potential new oak [...]

Growth from Pruning

Here is the second installment of our informational series of videos clearly showing the benefits of pruning your planting stock at the time of planting.  Our previous video showed how excess growth, tree tube crowding, leaf shade out, and low CO2 transfer could hamper the all around performance of a tree when it is not [...]

When should you remove your tree tubes?

The issue of when to remove treeshelters seems to be a hot topic of discussion boards and online forums these days.  Tree tube users seems to fall into two camps: 1.  Since two of the primary benefits of tree tubes are rapid early growth and deer browse protection until the tree grows past the deer [...]

Which Tree Tube color is best?

For the landowner trying to choose the best tree tube for his or her trees the issue of tree tube color can get very confusing.  Visit one web site and you’re told that blue is best.  Visit another and you read about the wonders of a pink or “peach” color.  Visit a third site and [...]

Tree Tubes For Baldcypress!

Protecting baldcypress seedlings is an often overlooked application for tree tubes.  Since tree tubes are used primarily on broadleaf trees a lot of folks don’t realize that some evergreens do very well in tree tubes.  And baldcypress trees do more than “very well” in tree tubes – they virtually erupt out the top! It’s not [...]

Our Newest Product!

Tree Protection Supply is the only United States source and lowest price for the Tubex Combitube!!!!! Tree Protection Supply prides itself in providing the newest, most innovative treeshelter products on the market today. Since Tubex treeshelters are already the best selling tube for the rest of the world, why shouldn’t we in the US not [...]