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You plant your legacy and we will protect it

One great things about this business are all the amazing people I get to come in contact with on a daily basis.  One such customer forwarded me an article that focused on his tree planting efforts and the legacy he wanted to leave his family and the environment.  Matt has purchased thousands of tubes from [...]

Free Shipping, But On Your Dime

Shipping is an absolute nightmare for any company and especially for us in that in any order there could be a range of heights and quantities from 12″ up to 72″ and from 1 to infinity.  I get a lot of inquiries asking why shipping is so much for a particular order in that it [...]

Michigan DNR Wildlife Habitat Grants for Whitetail Habitat Enhancement

The Michigan DNR will open the application process for grants for wildlife habitat enhancements starting tomorrow under the Wildlife Habitat Grant Program.  Check out the site here for further information: Michigan DNR Wildlife Habitat Grant Program Plenty of money there for some large tree planting projects with tree tubes!!  What a great way to improve [...]

QDMA National Convention
QDMA National Convention

TPS has enjoyed the first day of the QDMA national convention in Athens, GA.  Field demos in the morning and then another great day of speaking with folks truly excited about trees and how much tree tubes matter.  I love introducing people to tree tubes, but it is also alot of fun for people to [...]

Tree Tubes – Why is everyone in such a rush to remove them?

I live, breath and eat tree tubes.  I try my best to read through forum threads because I feel these conversations between folks are their real experiences in trying to establish wildlife plantings.  I get to see all the success stories and all the failures as well as what seems to be an alarming belief [...]

Hate times Tree Tubes Equals Love Again

I get a lot of phone calls from people who are about to spend, at times, some pretty serious money on tree tubes, stakes, weed mats and fertilizer for their trees they are planting for the deer.  And in the very next sentence they say “I just hate those deer.”  I myself have even said [...]

Follow up on Glow in The Dark Tree Tubes

So during this time of year, our phone is still literally ringing off the desk.  I would say hook, but we are only mobile here at TPS so we don’t have the traditional phone that could unhook itself from so much ringing.  Anywho,  people call with questions they want answered before ordering and one person [...]

They bundle phone, internet and cable. Why not tree tubes?

We see all the time on tv of how media companies can provide great savings by bundling your home digital needs.  They wrap up all of the services in one package and you get a great deal.  Well why can’t you do that with tree tubes?  YOU CAN!  If you know of friends that are [...]

Glow in the Dark Tree Tubes
Glow in the Dark Tree Tubes

So yes, I am a total tree tube dork.  I love all things tree tubes and I almost came out of my chair when I stumbled upon these pictures taken by a gentlemen named Jeremy Jordan in Whiteley England.  I contacted Jeremy and he graciously sent me his pictures showing the sun setting and the [...]

You can recycle your tree tubes for a second use

Most companies would think we are crazy for even suggesting and even crazier for showing you how to get up to two uses out of our products, but we here at Tree Protection Supply firmly believe in making your dollar go further and our customers getting the most use out of their tree tubes.  Technically [...]

OMG, How fast can my tree tubes get here??

This time of year, we often get calls from frantic customers who have either just been reminded that they had ordered trees because they just received their tree seedlings or they only remember to order their tree tubes only a day or so before they are supposed to receive their seedlings.  They call asking “how [...]

Which end is up on my tree tubes??

We do get calls from customers asking which end is up on my tree tubes??  Please see our answer below and hopefully this will assist you in your planting project.  Its understandable that if you have never installed a tree tube, then how would one know? &nbsp

Thinking Outside The Tree Tube Bag – FREE WEED MATS

For years we have been shipping out tree tubes in black poly-woven bags, but we never thought to actually inform everyone that you can use them as weed mats.  We have made a little video demonstrating how to recycle your tree tube bag into a few free weed mats! Getting something for nothing is always [...]

Tree Tubes for Eagle Scout Project
Tree Tubes for Eagle Scout Project

Tree Protection Supply recently supplied 400 Tubex tree tubes and pvc stakes for an Eagle Project in Ridgefield Park, NJ for Nicholas Gerken.  Both partners here at TPS are eagle scouts and we are pleased to see young men still striving to gain such an honorable award and especially by improving their community through planting trees [...]

Customized Tree Tubes Shipping
Customized Tree Tubes Shipping

We work extra hard to customize our shipments to produce the lowest delivered price that we can.  We put a lot of thought in how to get our tree tubes to you by the lowest cost available.  For large freight orders, this means obtaining  quotes from multiple freight providers as well as getting creative in [...]

Ensuring Planting Investment Realization – What?

Our slogan is “Ensuring Planting Investment Realization” and we felt like expanding on why we feel this to be an appropriate slogan and mission statement all wrapped up in one wall street sounding tagline.  It is all based on the simple question of “why do you plant trees?”  We all plant trees for different reasons, [...]

Deer browsing the tops of your trees? We can fix that.

I would like to introduce our new product that can take any tube height and increase it by 2 feet.  The Tubextender is easily installed on any tree tube with a pvc stake in less than a minute and will ultimately allow for you to keep those trees growing upward with all its energy.  Once [...]

Tree Protection Supply New Tree Tube Warehouse
Tree Protection Supply New Tree Tube Warehouse

Call it impulsive, call it compulsive, call it insane, but Tree Protection Supply finally moved into our new warehouse back in March.  Many in the tree tube industry would say we were completely insane to move all of our product and get set up in a new facility in the middle of the busy season, [...]

Bur Oak progress and how we should rethink our landscape trees

On our home page at, you will see a flash slideshow of a bur oak that I planted last winter. At the time of planting it was recorded at 28” tall.  At the end of June, I snapped these photos of it emerging from the top of the 4 ft tree tube and I [...]

Breaking news — Epic Drought not seen by trees in tree tubes.

First off, what a crazy winter, spring, and summer it has been here at TPS. We have so much news and information to share in coming blog posts so check back soon to catch up on all of our goings ons. With that, I wanted to share some feedback we are getting from customers that [...]

Where is waldo?

I took these videos back this summer, but of course it took awhile to get around to getting them up here. You can see that there is no way you could have ventured into 7 foot tall greenbriars to find/flag your trees to keep from mowing them over. On top of that, the trees would [...]

Microclimates – What is that?

If you work in the tree tube business long enough, you use terminology on a daily basis that you yourself at the beginning didn’t completely understand. I have to remind myself that customers are sometimes hearing these terms for the first time or may not completely understand the term although they may act like they [...]

success in a can/tube

Just got a call from a customer that planted 100 trees and all 100 survived. That alone impressed him beyond words, he said “those things are really taking off in those tree tubes. They are growing like crazy.” What this customer is feeling right now is the feeling of accomplishment, satisfaction, and pride of having [...]

Family Trees – literally

I got a call this week from gentlemen in south Georgia with a really neat story.  His great great grandfather had retired from the customs house in Savannah and started a tree nursery.  He grew a magnificent live oak in this nursery and his son took some acorns and grew his own live oak at [...]