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Hell with the Hail

We had a significant line of storms come through our area in Georgia earlier this week and another the previous week.  The first storm produced a storm cell of almost softball sized hail in an area of the county where I actually have a tree tube growth study in progress.  This area was severely damaged [...]

QDMA 2011 Whitetail Report Highlights

So the QDMA 2011 whitetail report was released this past week and out of the 96 pages I have some highlights of the data that at least relates to the importance of tree tubes (of course).  In 2009, hunters harvested 3,253,167 anterless deer which was down 4% from 2008 and 2,585,348 antlered deer and that [...]

PVC vs Ford Expedition – You will be suprised who won!

So I was picking up a load of pvc yesterday to make more stakes and a bundle of ten sticks of pvc had fallen off to the side into the parking lot without my knowledge.  It was raining and the gray pvc blended in with the gray asphalt like a rattlesnake and the next thing [...]

Survey Question #2

Another question that was asked on the QDMA website was “What type of deer hunting will you do the most of this season?”  Answers were: “Muzzle loader 3%, Shotgun 5%, Rifle 26%, and Archery 66%.”  The high number of archery responses may surprise a lot of you, but it would seem to me to fit [...]

Surveying a Survey

I was perusing my Dec/Jan issue of the QDMA magazine today and came across an interesting survey they took on their website. One question was “What size food plots do you typically plant?”  The answers where “6-10 acres – 11%      1 – 5 acres – 39%    Less than 1 acre – 46%.”  This quickly caught [...]

Verbing A Word

Certain nouns or names become so well known and popular they get turned into verbs in common usage.  One such word is Tubex, as in Tubex Tree Tubes. A great product for protecting seedling trees from deer browse and other damage has become, in the minds of many professional foresters, a verb for protecting their [...]

Teaming Up

Tree Protection Supply is happy to team up with Wilson Forestry Supply in a buying cooperative to serve you better. We’ll be working with Wilson Forestry Supply to create efficiencies in the we order, store and ship tree tubes, tree tube stakes, weed barrier fabric, etc… all to serve you better with more choice and [...]

No matter how hard you try, you can’t beat our tree tube prices!

I just had a fantastic conversation with a new customer.  He told me he had spent all day trying to beat our prices for tree tubes, and he couldn’t do it! Instead of spending the day trying to find a better price on tree tubes, start your shopping with Tree Protection Supply… that way you’ll [...]

Speaking of replacing stakes…

Now is a great time to visit your tree tubes and check on the wood or bamboo stakes… did rutting bucks knock them over or snap them off?… did they rot off at the groundline or break in the wind? Broken stakes and fallen tree tubes leave your trees vulnerable to deer browse this winter [...]

PVC stakes getting rave reviews!

We have been hearing from customers about the benefits and great performance of Tree Protection Supply’s PVC Tree Tube Stakes. One customer who has been using both metal electrical conduit and 1.2″ PVC stakes wrote to say how much better the PVC stakes are.  When the ground is wet, the wind pushes against the tree [...]

Get your roots for nothing and your (red oak) trees for free!

I’ve been telling you that nothing is easier than gathering acorns (and walnuts and chestnuts, etc) and planting the acorns with tree tubes (see previous posts and video). I was wrong. There is one thing easier: Putting tree tubes on red oak seedlings or stump sprouts that are already in the ground. This is a [...]

Standing up (or at least springing back) to deer!

Getting back to some of the issues raised in Dr. Felix Ponder’s excellent article, “Benefits and Drawbacks of Tree Shelters,” published in the December 2009 issue of the Walnut Council Bulletin. One issue raised by growers who responded to Dr. Ponder’s survey was that tree tubes are sometimes damaged by deer rubbing their antlers on [...]

The True “Cost” of Tree Tubes

I have been reviewing several old articles about treeshelters (tree tubes).  These were mostly written by foresters testing and considering tree tubes for use in hardwood timber regeneration.  One common theme runs through these early articles:  Tree tubes are viewed as “expensive.” Really?  To consider the true costs of using tree tubes to see if [...]

Tree Shelter Experiences… We’ve come a long way

I was just reading an article entitled, “Benefits and Drawbacks of Tree Shelters,” by Dr. Felix Ponder of the University of Missouri. The article appeared in the December, 2009 issue of the Walnut Council Bulletin. (By the way, we highly recommend that anyone interested in growing black walnut join the Walnut Council, a great source [...]

Flexible Stakes Improve Tree Tube Performance

Tree Protection Supply customers tend to be the most savvy tree tube users and buyers in the market.  They have tried different types of tubes, and many different types of stakes in an effort to find the combination that provides the best combination of price and performance. Lately I have been amazed with how so [...]

Herbicides + Tree Tubes Offer Free To Grow Conditions

Herbaceous weed control is paramount when trying to get the optimum performance from your trees. Grasses, weeds, and brush compete with your trees for water and nutrients. The growth around your trees is also a haven for rodents, so by eliminating a radius of cover from around your trees, the little furries are less likely [...]

Trees and Tree Tubes – A Money Saving Consideration

It seems these days that in our economic downturn, everybody is watching their money a little closer and finding more and more inventive ways of stretching that penny. I was told once that “if you watch your cents, then your dollars will take care of themselves.” The wildlife management budget can be hit hard and [...]

When should you remove your tree tubes?

The issue of when to remove treeshelters seems to be a hot topic of discussion boards and online forums these days.  Tree tube users seems to fall into two camps: 1.  Since two of the primary benefits of tree tubes are rapid early growth and deer browse protection until the tree grows past the deer [...]

For tree seedlings, it’s a different world

Our slogan at Tree Protection Supply is: Yes, your trees will grow on their own, but why wait? A lot of very big concepts are covered in that simple slogan.  Today I just want to focus on one of them, the concept of waiting for your trees to grow, and what that means. Next time [...]

Can I put tree tubes on my seedling trees in mid summer?

Absolutely!  There is no bad time to put tree tubes on your seedlings.  Tree tubes always are beneficial for tree seedling survival and growth acceleration.  When you place tree tubes on seedlings that are in full leaf in mid summer, you will likely notice that they don’t respond immediately with a burst of growth.  That’s [...]

Which Tree Tube color is best?

For the landowner trying to choose the best tree tube for his or her trees the issue of tree tube color can get very confusing.  Visit one web site and you’re told that blue is best.  Visit another and you read about the wonders of a pink or “peach” color.  Visit a third site and [...]

Pruning – How less than 30 seconds can change the life of your tree

Tree Protection Supply will be posting informational how to videos on tree care.  We hope this series of videos will help landowners and land managers get the most out of their planting investment and help tree planters make a big impression when their client’s trees are outgrowing their neighbors. We can all admit it, everybody [...]

Tree Tube FAQ: To prune or not to prune?

So you have your new treeshelter tubes from Tree Protection Supply, and you’re about to pop them over your sawtooth oak, persimmon or crabapple seedlings.  The seedlings have a few good-sized lateral branches on them, and you realize you have a choice:  You can gather those lateral branches together to place the tree tube over [...]

Turbo-charged Tree Tubes!

Back in the dark ages of tree tubes – 20 years ago or so – the goal was to create an air tight, virtually hermetically sealed greenhouse environment. Man has that ever changed!  Research has shown that ventilation greatly enhances the performance of plastic treeshelters. Ventilation has two primary benefits: It reduces the temperature inside [...]