They bundle phone, internet and cable. Why not tree tubes?

We see all the time on tv of how media companies can provide great savings by bundling your home digital needs.  They wrap up all of the services in one package and you get a great deal.  Well why can’t you do that with tree tubes?  YOU CAN!  If you know of friends that are going to need tree tubes or your in a hunting camp and you have several other camps around that you know are managing their property by planting trees then get in touch with them and put one large tree tube order together.  This way you can bump everyone into a higher volume level and lower cost level per tube.  You will also save on shipping as the cost of shipping will be spread across more tubes making your overall cost of the tubes less.  You can even call and provide payment for each person over the phone if everyone on the order wants to use a credit card and we will process it as however many separate orders, but ship it all together to one place and then everyone can come over and oooh and ahhh as the shipment is opened.  If we all can think outside of the box to get more for our money, then tree tubes get to be shipped in one big box straight to you.




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