TPS: Your INDEPENDENT Source For Treeshelters

Why buy from Tree Protection Supply?  Why not buy “factory direct?”  The answers are:

  • Better information
  • Better pricing

Let’s start with information.  When you talk to any tree tube manufacturer directly, they of course have a vested interest in convincing you that the best tube for every situation is, coincidentally, the tube that they happen to make. 

If I have learned one thing in the nine years I have worked with tree tubes, it is that there is no “perfect” tree tube for all situations.  There are pro’s and con’s to all of the designs on the market.  Since Tree Protection Supply is not affiliated with any one manufacturer we can provide you with unbiased information based on our experience and that of our customers.  We can choose to carry the designs we like best for various situations, regardless of manufacturer.

Now let’s talk price.  Why is it so much cheaper buying from Tree Protection Supply as opposed to ordering from the manufacturers?  The answer is a combination of overhead, marketing costs and margins. 

Overhead – We keep our overhead costs VERY low

Marketing – Treeshelter manufacturers spend A LOT of money trying to convince the market that their tube is best, and is therefore worth a premium price.  Those marketing expenses add to the price.  At TPS we don’t have a vested interest in convincing you one tube is better than another.  Our only goal is to offer the best possible pricing on the tubes we have found work best.

Margins – Companies that only sell treeshelters have to make a lot more money per tube.  For Tree Protection Supply tree tubes are an extension of our forestry consulting business.  We view it as a service to our customers, to provide the best tree tubes on the market at the lowest possible prices!

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