Tree Tubes + PVC Stake + Acorns = Trees

Fall is officially upon us and the ever recognizable sound of acorns falling and pinging off metal roofs and car hoods can be heard throughout the neighborhoods.  Everyone is familiar with acorns dropping each year, but most don’t think much beyond seeing them sitting there on the ground.  Every acorn represents a potential new oak tree and every acorn deserves a chance to become that tree, but much stands against these little nuts.  Insects, squirrels, rodents, leaf blowers, lawnmowers, and especially deer browsing all take their turns removing acorns from the ground and reducing the percentages of an old soldier reproducing itself.


We have taken advantage of this years acorn drop to demonstrate how easy it can be to establish trees from acorns and how tree tubes are essential to ensuring not only their success, but how they can enhance their growth and bring about hard mast faster at the planting site.  Please watch the video below on how simple this all is….

We also have a control acorn planted as you can see below to show how much a tree tube helps these little guys grow.

Check back in with us as we monitor the progress of our little acorns.

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