Tubex Quality at Tree Protection Supply pricing!

When it comes to treeshelters, the Tubex name has long been the “gold standard” for quality & ease of installation. Unfortunately, in the US market the Tubex name has also been synonymous with “expensive,” leaving tree planters working on a budget (and what tree planter isn’t working on a budget?) to look for tubes that are “good enough” at a price they can afford.

In the European market, where Tubex is by far the top selling brand, Tubex is not an expensive product. It is expensive in the USA due to inefficient distribution. (In fact inefficient distribution is the primary reason all tree tubes brands cost more to the end user than they should, and our goal at Tree Protection Supply is to change that!)

Now, thanks to Tree Protection Supply, tree planters no longer have to choose between Tubex quality and low pricing. We are delighted to offer the Tubex CombiTube at the lowest price you’ll find in the USA… by far!

It’s just another reason to make Tree Protection Supply your source for the best in tree establishment supplies.

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