When Is The Best Time To Apply Tree Tubes?

The best time to apply tree tubes:  When you plant.  The second best time:  Today!  Tree tubes can be placed over seedling hardwood (broadleaf) trees at any time, dormant or in full leaf.

Ideally you would protect your seedlings with tree tubes approximately 1 nanosecond after planting – and with today’s deer populations even that might be a nanosecond too late!

However, it’s never “too late” to apply tree tubes to your trees… 1 month after planting… the autumn after planting… 5 years after planting when deer have kept your seedlings browsed to a “bonsai” shrub.  Just prune the tree back to a single stem, pop a Tubex CombiTube on it and jump back – you won’t believe how fast those deer-stunted trees will go when you give them the protection they need.

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