You can recycle your tree tubes for a second use

Most companies would think we are crazy for even suggesting and even crazier for showing you how to get up to two uses out of our products, but we here at Tree Protection Supply firmly believe in making your dollar go further and our customers getting the most use out of their tree tubes.  Technically once a tree emerges from the top of the tree tube and begins to put on its true lateral branches, the tree tube begins to transition from helping to grow the tree to only protecting the tree from animal, mechanical and chemical damage.  A lot of customers are always curious to know if you an reuse the tubes for other plantings of smaller seedlings and we always tell them YES!  See below how this technique can not only be used to remove the tree tube for another tree, but can be used to access the tree for maintenance reasons and then re-installed back onto the tree.

We would also like to point out that you do not want to cut along the perforated lines of the tube as you will want this line intact for when this second seedling grows to the diameter of the tube and will be the weak point to break and allow the tree to continue growing without interference from the tree tube.

If you feel that by removing the tree tube, it will leave the stem of the tree exposed for potential animal or mechanical damage, then we highly suggest the use of our Tree Bark Pro product.

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