Deer Fence


Deer Fence

Many summer annual legume food plot plants like lablab, soybeans and ebony pea are plot_d_fence_fence_raised_web.jpgdicotelydons meaning the first two leaves to emerge at germination is where the rest of the plant comes from.  With high deer density and low volume of plot acreage deer will immediately begin browsing the plants as they emerge and damage or destroy the crop.  Once the plants mature in 4 – 6 weeks they can stand up to heavy browse.  “Deterrents” like sent tapes and electric fencing are often ineffective.  A physical barrier is the only sure way to control over browse.  We are finding from customers locally that they spend hours, almost daily, repairing or checking in on their white taped/electric fences.  Our deer fencing reduces that "fence management" time to as much or as little time that you want to check on your fields.  We still recommend that you check them at least weekly as trees and limbs can fall and knock the fence down. 

People are finding that this system is the perfect complement to their dove fields and plantable duck impoundments as they usually have corn planted and it remains in the field for extended periods of time during the winter and deer are especially interested in getting in and feeding. Not to mention the high cost of specialty sunflowers and chemicals needed to manage the fields, this fence helps take the worry out of your yearly investment.

Unlike the expensive and heavy metal fences in Texas, our deer fencing uses the strongest 8 ft tall polypropylene fencing material on the market which is unbreakable by hand, UV tolerant with a life span of 20+ years.  It is very flexible so it can be lifted and folded up from the bottom to allow deer in the plot and rolled back up for storage.  It is very light weight and easy to handle.  One person can carry a 330 ft. roll.

The fencing is sold in 330 ft rolls and priced at $1.25 per linear foot. We also suggest the use of flagging, cable ties and ground stakes for complete system install. (We will be adding these products shortly).

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